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    • Our products, licensing options

      • ANSYS fluid dynamics simulation software

      • ANSYS structural simulation software

      • ANSYS multiphysics simulation software

      • ANSYS Workbench platform software

      • ANSYS academic software

      • ANSYS student software

      • TANDLER water & recycling management software

      • CFD.HU self-developed software

  • Services

    • Simulation projects

      • Creating 3D geometry

      • Mesh generation

      • Solving and convergence

      • Evaluation of results

  • Case studies

    • Building aerodynamics

    • HVAC system and thermal comfort analyses

    • Building engineering, fire and smoke simulations

    • Building engineering, swimming pool technology

    • Infrastructure, environmental technology

    • Energy industry

    • Automotive industry

    • Heavy industry

    • Rubber industry

    • Electronics

    • Chemical industry and biotechnology

    • Our own researches

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