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ANSYS 18.0 Capabilities Chart

In this document, you can find detailed information about the features included in each component of ANSYS 18.0. You can download the chart in pdf format here.

Form to ask for ANSYS demo version

In case that you would know better about the software you are interested in, please fill the form to demand a demo version of 30 days of free use. You can download the form here.

CFD.HU Ltd. brochures

Flow around buildings

Energetics & metallurgy

Transportation industry

Pool technology

Analysis of technological processes

Kanal++ database system for pipelines (in Hungarian)

A New CFD Model of the Steam Generator for the VVER-440 Type Nuclear Reactors

Report about the results of our tender GVOP 3.3.1 closed on 2007

Dowload the presentation here (in Hungarian).

Dowload the report here (in Hungarian).

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