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„Research in the field of fluid dynamics, simulation technology and IT are developing in such an incredibly rapid pace, more than has ever seen before. Today, it became possible to analyse even the most complex physical phenomena that can appear in engineering – and CFD.HU Ltd. is here to deliver this knowledge to their Customers”
Prof. Tamás Lajosco-founder, co-owner, project managerProfessor emeritus at the Department of Fluid Mechanics of BMEDoctor of Science

About our company

CFD.HU Ltd. was established in 2003 by Prof. Tamás Lajos, at that time, head of the Department of Fluid Dynamics of BME, and Associate Professor Gergely Kristóf Ph.D. Our company began its activity as the official distributor of FLUENT CFD software in Hungary, and by the time FLUENT Inc. was acquired by ANSYS Inc., we were also qualified for FEM products and our product line became broader as the official distributor of ANSYS simulation software products.

Our scope is expanding to all domains of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, completed by the associated mechanical problems. Our internationally acclaimed professionals guarantee a high level of precision for any engineering problem. As our primary activity, we distribute the most advanced simulation technology available, and we are also providing consulting services and R&D cooperation by using the most efficient simulation tools available.




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Mandula u. 35., 1025 Budapest
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Quality Management Policy Statement

CFD.HU Ltd. is committed to meet, and where appropriate, exceed Customer expectations and satisfy their needs during its service and activity. Our mission is to ease our Customer’s work and promote their success with our long-term experience in the field of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

  • We continue to develop our document registration system, following the development of the Company and the applicable requirements.
  • In order to ensure continuing development, we identify the weaknesses and constantly take action to overcome them.
  • We pay careful attention to select our colleagues and provide all the necessary tools for them. The employees of CFD.HU Ltd. are highly qualified and acclaimed, even in the academic society.
  • We provide our Colleagues with the possibility to take part in the Company’s development and monitor their contentment.
  • We are responsible for the continuing professional development of our employees according to new challenges and growth requirements.
  • Each employee of CFD.HU Ltd. takes personal responsibility for the outstanding quality of the product or service provided by himself/herself or in cooperation.
  • We are committed to ensure a pure, arranged and inspiring working environment, and we intend to protect the environmental values.
  • To keep pace with the changes of external or internal conditions, and in order to ensure the continuing development of quality, we regularly review and adapt our quality policy.

To realise the goals listed previously, our Company manages a Quality System approved according to the international standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008

The management of CFD.HU Ltd. guarantees to ensure the understanding of the quality policy by all levels of the organisation, engages in acquiring and supervising the quality policy during the daily work, and requires the employees to do their work according to the documented Quality System.

Budapest, 07.03.2008.

Gergely Kristóf Ph.D.


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